About us

We are an Irish-Swedish family who moved to Nyby, Roslagen a sunny summerday in 2003. We had spent 15 years in Dublin, Ireland and wanted a break from the frantic pace of a big city. Chance brought us here to Nyby, a lovely litte village with a great mix of very generous and caring villagers.

A long way back an idea was born out of spending time in the Scandinavian Islands area of Stockholm Archipelago. We wanted to share this lovely place with others. To offer comfortable and cosy accomodation and locally produced food preferably from our own gardens. To give foreign visitors an opportunity to experience magic forests or warm rocky beaches by the sea, still evenings by the waters edge and explore this uniqe area at their own pace. Hope you like it too!

Having raised three children here we know Nyby is truly lovely for kids. The animals, the sea and exploring the nature around us.